Don’t Be Fooled By These Auto Collision Myths

After you have an accident, the process of making an insurance claim, dealing with police reports, and worrying about what you are going to drive while your car is fixed is so overwhelming. You turn to anyone for advice, but sometimes you end up with the wrong information. Unfortunately, there are many myths surrounding collision repair that can really make you feel helpless.

The Accident Changed Your Car Forever

Most people think that if a car is wrecked, it won't ever drive or function the same. If you use a good repair technician, your car's function, safety, and appearance should be just as it was before the accident. You may even find it's better than before because a good technician will restore it back to factory condition.

The Insurance Company Decides What Repair Shop to Use

It's true that some insurance companies have preferred providers that they recommend. They may even make it sound like you don't have a choice, but you do. Most of the time, the insurance company is the one that benefits from you using their shop and not you. You are able to choose any repair shop that you want to use.

The Insurance Company's Estimate is Final

If you chose the auto repair shop, you may be faced with the insurance company issuing an estimate lower than the auto shop's charges. You may have chosen the most expensive shop in town, it doesn't matter. You don't have to accept what the company will pay and pay the rest out of your pocket.

It is the responsibility of the insurance company to negotiate with the collision shop and the collision shop should clearly explain the charges so the insurance company can make valid adjustments. Once the insurance company agrees on the amount, they issue a check.

Then, another problem could arise. If you end up with a check for less than the cost of repairs, you need to discuss this with your insurance company and an auto body shop (such as Freeway Auto Body Ltd). The insurance company issues an estimate based on a quick visual appraisal, internal damages that aren't obvious on the surface aren't included. A good auto shop will make clear documentation to support you in asking for the adjustment check.

These three popular myths can make an auto accident even more damaging than it already is. Knowing the truth can shine a little hope in the situation and let you feel more in control.