2 Parts That Can Improve Your Bug Out Vehicle

Bug out vehicles are essential aspects of disaster plans because they are what you will be using to get to safety when a disaster strikes. There are quite a few different vehicle options available that can be suitable bug out vehicles, but by adding a few additional parts to the vehicle you can make them even better suited for use as a bug out vehicle. Listed below are two parts that can improve your chosen bug out vehicle.

Lift Kits

A very useful modification to your bug out vehicle is lifting the vehicle. By utilizing a lift kit to increase your bug out vehicle's ground clearance you will be making it less likely that your vehicle will become damaged if it has to drive over any rough terrain or if you need to go off-road in order to get to your bug out location. 

In addition, the lift kit will also make it so that you will be much less likely to end up getting stuck on a large rock, fallen tree, or other obstacle. However, lift kits do have some drawbacks if you choose to lift your vehicle too much.

If you lift the vehicle too much you can end up in a situation where you will have to spend a lot more money on tires in order to accommodate the new height. In addition, the increased height will increase drag and wind resistance when operating the vehicle which will negatively impact your fuel economy.

Protective Plates 

Another way to improve your bug out vehicle and keep it safe if you need to go off-road or over harsh terrain is to install protective plates on the underside of the vehicle. These protective plates, also known as skid plates, are designed to put an extra layer of material between important parts of your vehicle and any debris or obstacles that can affect the underside of your vehicle.

For example, skid plates that are installed in the rear of the vehicle can prevent sharp rocks from puncturing your fuel tank while plates in the center of the vehicle can prevent debris from damaging fuel and brake lines. You can even install these plates near the front of the vehicle to protect your radiator and other important engine components.

Speak to a mechanic or auto service today to discuss which modifications they would recommend for your bug out vehicle. By adding a few extra parts to your bug out vehicle you can make it quite a bit more capable and durable.